The school is running under the aegis of Shri S.S. Jain Subodh Shiksha Samiti, started in year 2004 and has classes from Nursery to XII nestled in the green environment of Sanganer,Jaipur.

Transfer of knowledge is carried out with help of latest technology i.e.Smartclasses .These Smartclasses facilitates synergy of ideas among the learners,Educomp smart classTM

The School believes in true spirit of “Growing Together”, the motto of Sahodaya Movement,hence is the member of Jaipur Sahodaya Chapter.

Values and Beliefs
We strongly believe in the maxim that curiosity is the basis of education, thus we lead the students towards the path of discovery i.e. to find their own answers, “Learning by Doing “and to have fun while doing it all.

The school aims to nurture and groom the future leaders as good human beings, upright citizens with strong morale, self reliant and versatile torchbearers to lead the society and humanity. It’s believed, that they can set a leading example in all spheres of life-be it in education, technology, science, commerce, society etc. Learners are engaged and encouraged towards self - empowerment, for this ‘self learning’ environment is created where learners are engaged in the innovative activities to enhanced there personality. They are encouraged to look beyond text books, adopt an action based approach to foster different skills e.g. investigation, analytical, observation etc .Teacher’s are facilitators, hence, they work as a bridge between the learner’s and Knowledge. Value based Knowledge is imparted in an interactive manner where students can share their ideas, opinion and thoughts freely to meet the challenges of 21st century. To assist them in the process of adaptability to face the challenges we focus on value based learning approach. Various co-curricular activities are the basis to provide a support system that encourages the learner to understand the universal value and to develop the scientific outlook to meet the ever-growing demands of the time. We ensure an all round development of the passionate future leaders by empowering the learners to pursue their unique qualities and aspirations.

The school is completely networked and Information Technology is the core part of curriculum for all students. The school is constantly enhancing and developing strategies that will increase the integration of Information, Communication and Technology into learning.

To provide the best possible preparation to the young achievers for adult life, we favour them by:

Promoting leadership, totality of experience, relevancy with a sense of teamwork and fair play.
Encouraging uprightness of character, responsibility, care of self and others and emotional maturity.
Inculcating scientific temper and accountability with openness to change..
Creating awareness towards partnerships, participation and concern for the environment and spirit of competition.
Emphasizing respect for the individual, empathy, honesty and moral sensitivity to fellow humans.
Providing them the opportunity to identify and realize their potential, to achieve excellence.