Health Check Ups

Health Check Ups

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.
Young children need a healthy start. Physical health is a key factor in young children's proper growth and readiness for school.


School organises a regular "Health Check Up Program" to monitor progress in health of the school students and suggests corrective interventions to the parents as and when required . 

It also inculcates the habit of health monitoring in children and helps them take charge of their health.

Various health check up Programs are being organised on regular basis like- Dental Health Check Ups, Eye Check Ups,Vaccination Camps to suggest parents for prevention from infection etc. are the part and parcel of school Medical N Health Program.

The main aim of this is to :-


Help children remain healthy and parents take charge of child’s health with SHARE.




Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other.