House System

House System


At the time of Admission,students are alloted Houses which are named as:     

            AQUA                      TERRA                             IGNIS                             VENTUS



Most of the competitons are to take place on the basis of Intra-Inter House.On the basis of overall performance of the competitions, On Annual Day Houses are felicitated with the following Trophies:-

  • Overall Best House
  • Best House In Sports
  • Best House In Cultural



1 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Scholars) Ms. Mamta Tiwari

2 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Flyers) Ms. Manju Parihar

3 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Movers) Ms. Sonia Jain

4 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Learners) Ms. Madhu Nayak

5 House Member Mr. Ved Prakash Motwani

6 House Member Mr. Arvind Chhipa

7 House Member  Mr. Kapil Gupta

8 House Member Ms. Anju Jaiswal

9 House Member Ms. Pooja Jain

10 House Member Ms. Nidhi Dave

11 House Member Ms. Neetu Jain

12 House Member Ms. Manju Dadhich

13 House Member Ms. Ruchi Sethi

14 House Member Ms. Sunita Rawat

15 House Member Mr. Manoj Singh

16 House Member Mr. Trilok Sharma 

17 House Proctor Ms. Samiksha Jain


1 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Scholars)- Ms. Neha Sukheeja

2 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Flyers)- Ms. Madhu Soni

3 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Movers)- Ms. Vasudatta Sabal

4 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Learners)- Ms. Sangeeta Mathur

5 House Member- Mr. Lokesh Yadav

6 House Member- Ms. Laxmi Jain

7 House Member- Mr. N.K. Swarnkar

8 House Member- Ms. Reena Sharma

9 House Member- MS. Laxmi Kumawat

10 House Member- Ms. Nidhi Ajmera

11 House Member- Ms. Sapna Das

12 House Member- Ms. Nalini Negi

13 House Member- Ms. Rita Sharma

14 House Member- Ms. Vineeta Chauhan

15 House Member- Mr. Rahul Sain

16 House Member- Ms. Shilpa Jain Kothari

17 House Proctor- Ms. Sadhana Saxena



1 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Scholars) Ms. Ritika Jain

2 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Flyers) Ms. Swechha Yadav

3 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Movers) Ms. Kavita Vijay

4 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Learners) Ms. Rakhi Joshi

5 House Member Ms. Neha Vijay

6 House Member Ms. Neelam Thadani

7 House Member Mr. Daulat Singh

8 House Member Ms . Neerja Sharma

9 House Member Ms. Anita Chopra

10 House Member Mr. Ankit Chhabra

11 House Member Ms. Rekha Gupta

12 House Member Ms. Meena Nehra

13 House Member Ms. Bijal Kothari

14 House Member Ms. Neelam Bhamota

15 House Member Ms. Vimal Yadav

16 House Member Mr. Manish Sharma

17 House Proctor Ms. Kuldeep Kaur


1 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Scholars)- Ms. Preeti Bansal

2 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Flyers)- Ms. Shilpi Dutta

3 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Movers)- Ms. Poonam Sharma

4 CHIEF HOUSE MASTER (Learners)- Ms. Preeti Rastogi

5 House Member- Ms. Mamta Sharma

6 House Member- Mr. Satish Sharma

7 House Member- Ms. Kamini Jain

8 House Member- Mr. Sanjay Elwin

9 House Member- Mr. Rohit Patni

10 House Member- Ms. Manju Sharma

11 House Member- Ms Seema Patni

12 House Member- Ms. Dhaara Sharma

13 House Member- Ms. Nisha Pandey

14 House Member- Mr. Jitesh Jain

15 House Member- Mr. Amit Kumar

16 House Proctor- Ms. Mamta Surana