Message from Principal

Message from Principal


Good things come to those who believe;
better things come to those who are patient
and the best things come to those who do not give-up…….

Lucky are those who get the opportunities. Celebrate the beauty of faith and hope because miracles happen almost every moment, hour, and day. First be pure than be sure and the things will be yours. Trust you deserve all the gifts you wish. Life is ready to offer because you posses God given gifts, talent and capability. Be who you are, say what you mean. Existence in vacuum is to miss the purpose, so step with care and deal things with tact as life is not a straight answer. Have grit, face challenges, handle struggles patiently and be bold to stand for truth. Never be violent and judgemental about the weakness and failure of others, stay focused. Be honest, supportive and compassionate to one another. Hone skills, ignite imagination, instill love for learning, share learning experiences.