Scholastic Clubs

Scholastic Clubs

         To meet the demand of the time and to offer an extensive range of curricular and co-curricular activities various clubs in the school are organizing club activities. The club activities do much to foster healthy relationship and help every individual pupil to extend their experience and target the different clubs in the school are:
   Reader’s Club :This club takes several tasks to develop the sense and respect for English language and to showcase various events that take place in the world of English Literature. This club offers various activities like interviews, group discussions, article writing on the current social and political issues, book reviews, debate, extempore, declamation, Comic book designing to enhance the literary skills amongst the students. Laureate’s Week is celebrated every year to brush up the skills of the students. The school magazine and other school publications are compiled by this club.
  Udaimaan Club : This club works to develop respect for the Mother Tongue-Hindi. The activities like Hindi shloka writing and recitation, poetry composition, Poster Making, Article Writing, Debate and Drama presentations provides the platform to showcase the inbuilt talents of the students.
  Mathematics Club : To make the students skilled in Arithmetic and Logical Reasoning ant to visualize the problem and then solving it with latest techniques and ideas. To solve and handle the numerical problems emphasis is given on fast calculate to meet the One Minute Game Shows are conducted under the banner of the club.
  Health And Wellness Club :This club is running to develop a sense of respect for all bounties of nature as they are treated the life breadth of humanity, to Inculcate scientific temper like accountability and to develop Scientific Outlook. No kind of dogmas are encouraged. Right from the inception students are nurtured towards imbibing a scientific outlook with a keen sense of perception. Focuses on Eco-friendly activities and improvement in the environment which can take place in neighbourhood.To inculcate learning skills among students, this club conducts various activities like preparation of delicious food items, managing school canteen, apparel and fashion designing and personality development. Besides these, how to take care of your body, handling emergencies, first aid, nutrition and health care are also included in club activities.
  Human Right’s Club :This club is working to imbibe the social skills in the students. This club works to inculcate the social behavior in the much mechanized era. The club organizes the Awareness Rallies, Discussions, Debates, Surveys, Case Study, Poster Making and celebrations of all important days like Human Right’s Day, Youth Day, Earth Day, Gandhi-Shastri-Nehru Jayanti’s and Visit to Historical monuments.
  All the clubs organize the activities with zeal and enthusiasm meeting the demand of the time. The activities are conducted in integration and with active participation of students, student’s council and teachers which aims to attain the objectives and goal for futuristic and holistic development of the future generation.