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Advisory for Students


Dear Parents,
In continuation with the collaborative efforts by school for shaping the behaviour of our children, we strongly recommend optimum “Behaviour Observation and Management” by parents. We encourage positive parenting practices for prevention/ remediation of behavioural or emotional problems in young children. You are kindly advised to ensure following:

  • Keep random checks on screen time/use of mobile phones.
  • Be informed and aware about arrival and departure timings of school.
  • Check school bags randomly.
  • Be attentive and assured by keeping a check on your ward’s peer group.
  • Always reinforce “Healthy Communication” with your child.
  • Set yourself as a role model
  • Always reward positive behaviour
  • Be aware about “How they spend money”?
  • Be cognizant for the language used by child.
  • Support and involve other practitioner (where appropriate) to help see the behaviour in context.
  • Don't make your child fearful, anxious, and ignorant by adopting punitive methods. It may worsen the behaviour.
  • Encourage good nutrition for good health.
  • Foster healthy routine including physical exercise, meditation and spare time for recreational activities.

Note: Feel free to contact School Counsellor (when required) during school hours.