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Interschool competitions are quite common among schools in the contemporary world. In fact, it is quite unlikely that one would come across a reputed school which does not arrange or participate in such competitions. From art and culture-based competitions like painting and music to sports, the interschool competitions vary greatly and help the students to develop various skills. Lately, the leading schools emphasize greatly on interschool competitions, making them an integral part of a child’s education. These competitions provide the children with various benefits like Teamwork, Healthy Competition to face their challenges, Social Skills, Growth mindset among individuals, build their Career, innovative ideas and strategies and learn to handle pressure effectively.

School Participated in various competitions hosted by reputed CBSE schools of City and won prizes:

  1. Cambridge Court High School
  • Won 2nd Prize in Group Song Competition 

(Beat Boxing)

  1. Nidhishri Sharma - VII
  2. Angel Gupta - VIII
  3. Harshda Sharma - VIII
  4. Moksha Loharia - VIII
  5. Tanushree Sharma - IX 
  6. Divya Soni - IX
  7. Tanisha Gurjar - X
  • Won 2nd Prize in Traditional Painting Competition 
  1.  Purvanshi Kumawat – VII 
  • Won 3rd Prize in On Spot Poetry Composition Competition
  1. Ayan Saini – X 


  1. Jayshree Periwal High School
  •  Won Consolation Prize in Enactment 
    (Celebrating 75 years of Independence)
  1. Avni Sharma – VIII 
  2. Yaksh Udaywal – VIII 
  3. Rahul Meena – VIII 
  4. Saransh Jain – VIII 
  5. Parv Choudhary – VIII
  6. Shubham Mathsinghala – VIII
  • Won 3rd Prize in Fusion Dance 

(East met West)

  • Kamakshi Sharma – IX 
  • Divyanshi Kawa – XI 
  • Aalokita Sharma – XII 
  • Neha Singh – XII
  1. Subodh Public School, Rambagh
  • Won 3rd Prize in Comic Strip Designing competition
  1. Kunal Saini – VIII  
  2. Prakshal Pokharna – VII 


  • Won 3rd Prize in EDU BOT competition
  1. Sambhav Jain – XII  
  2. Shivansh Srivastava – XII  

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