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Manthan Counselling


The purpose of education is not only to foster academic learning but also the all over development of children. Guidance and Counselling service “Manthan” in school is focusing on the all-around development of students. 

To ensure the physical and psychological safety of our children, easy access to mental health services and support is our first priority. At any stage of development, there may be psychosocial and mental health implications for children and adolescents. 

During times of paramount stress when the mental health of children and adolescents around the globe is directly or indirectly impacted, the role of guidance and counselling service is very crucial.

Hence Guidance and Counselling cell “Manthan” in school helps in various spheres such as helping with the psychological & emotional needs of students, effective decision making, opting best career choices, facing various challenges and developing life skills. 

“Manthan” serves in both Offline and Online modes of counselling where both individual and group counselling sessions are available for students to promote mental health and to provide a platform where they can come up with their problems or life challenges. 

School Stage Objectives
(Age 5-11 years)
  • Smooth transition from home to school
  • Identifying and assisting children with special needs
  • Identifying deficits in basic learning skills
  • Developing a positive self-concept and healthy peer relationships
  • Improving teacher-learner relationship
  • Identifying and assisting students with behavioural problems
  • Developing a healthy attitude towards all kinds of socially useful work
  • Learning and developing good work habits
Upper Primary
(Age 11-14 years)
  • Improving academic performance
  • Developing critical thinking
  • Learning to manage time wisely
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Making aware of the world of work
  • Understanding self in relation to the world of work
  • Enhancing personal social development
  • Accepting increasing physical changes/ normal growth among children of their age
Secondary / Higher secondary 
(Age 14-18 years)
  • The transition from secondary to higher secondary (choice of courses)
  • Planning for a career, Seeking detailed information on courses
  • Resolving academic, personal social and career-related matters
  • Enhancing self-understanding
  • Coping up with peer pressure
  • Coping up with academic and social pressure
  • Facilitating adjustment at home and outside
  • Conflict resolution
  • Learning appropriate gender-role and responsibility
  • Prevention and remediation of bullying, violent behaviour, substance abuse etc.


Sessions Outlines: Functional Areas-
The counselling service encompasses a wide range of areas to deal with cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems of students.

Some of the major areas identified for counselling are as follows:

  • Adjustment difficulties; Facilitating adjustment at home and outside
  • Assessing and identifying children with special needs
  • Learning disabilities (Assessment and Assistance)
  • Behavioural problems
  • Enhancing personal social development
  • Improving academic learning and developing problem solving skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time management and Stress management
  • Career planning and skill development
  • Coping up with peer pressure
  • Coping up with academic and social pressure
  • Developing a positive self-concept
  • Prevention and remediation of bullying, violent behaviour, substance abuse etc.

Functioning of the Guidance and Counselling Cell: 
To initiate the counselling service, a brief Google form is to be filled out for registration. After registration, students get an appointment for counselling and sessions are scheduled accordingly. 
Google form Link:
Feedback form:

Procedure for Complaint Handling
There is an organized system to deal with and solve all the problems/complaints received. 

  • All complaints related to individual student counselling sessions are firstly registered either through an online google form or by filling up a counselling format. Registered issues then are called for the one-to-one session. 
  • Another source of registering students’ issues is “Suggestion Boxes”, through which students can directly write to the principal and can put forward their concerns. Hence, not only personal/emotional problems but also other issues related to academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, infrastructure etc. are also shared openly by the students. These complaints are then forwarded to the concern or solved by the principal. 
  • Concerns or issues related to parents are registered by the “Utkarsh” WhatsApp Helpline Number, through which one-to-one dealing of complaints/issues are handled. In the process of complaint handling, proper follow-up and closure of each issue are done so that real improvements can be seen.

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