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The school offers an exciting and creative learning environment which focuses on Student Empowerment through any attitudinal, structural, and cultural activity, process or outcome where students of any age gain the ability to make decisions and implement changes in their learning methods. There are countless ways this can happen as well as many potential outcomes, all of which feature learning, teaching and leadership. 

The curriculum encourages students to engage in authentic inquiry and exploration. It develops children's competence in various skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, observation, measurement and the use of information and communication technology. It emphasises on the individual, small group and whole-group activities, to improve their ability to work with their peers and to learn how to achieve complex task.

In order to scale the heights and reach the pinnacle of success, the school always strives to inculcate a sense of responsibility and commitment among the students with their heads held high, ready to shoulder responsibilities as leaders and uphold high standards of conduct while discharging responsibilities with self-discipline.

Delegation of responsibility and giving authority to children is important as it teaches them lifelong skills of being powerful, caring and at the same time making them the best citizens.

Foreseeing the welfare of the student's future to train them in leadership skills the Prefectorial Council was selected after a rigorous and democratic process in which the students had to go through many processes to get selected for the much-coveted student's council body.
Step-1: Nominations were invited online for Prefectorial Council.
Step-2: Shortlisting of nominated candidates on discipline grounds by the coordinators and class teachers.
Step-3: Interview for Final Selection by the Principal.
Step-4: Orientation for Selected Candidates.
Step-5: Training of students in the management of different school events.

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